Initiation of PEAS Enterprise Resource Planning System

Our company won 10 million HUF through the “Support for business process management and e-commerce” tender within the New Széchenyi Plan. In scope of this project, we installed the PEAS Enterprise Resource Planning System.

Through an investment of more than 20 million HUF besides installing the ERP system we pledged to maintain the current number of our employees for 2 years, and to increase the revenues from electronic sales.

DNM 500

The MSN 500 CNC lathe was discarded because it required manual tool change.

The DNM 500 has tool storage space so it’s more efficient as well as much more accurate in case of jig boring and circular interpolation milling.

15 kW solar panel

The solar panel provides electricity for the factory halls, social rooms and offices.


Drilling of the connectors abouve 700mm length can be solved in one operation due to the stability of the long pendent boring-cutter.