About Us

JE ZO Metalworking and Trading Co., Ltd.

The company was founded by Jenő Varga in Szeged, 1972. At that time, the largest customer was the export market supplier ContiTech Rubber Industrial EMERGÉ Ltd. The areas of activity are metal cutting, steel and aluminum machining. Therefore, the machinability of these materials has been designed to serve both the customer and the employees’ expectations the best. The company has 28 employees at the moment.

Some of our products like the special high-pressure, large-diameter, flexible oil industrial hose metal couplings, the welded, threaded steel and stainless metal connectors, coupling clamps, inner tubes, outer protectors and lifting clamps are manufactured by the german-owned ContiTech Rubber Industrial Kft. (or as formerly known as ContiTech Beattie Corp. Rubber Industry Ltd. , Phoenix Rubber Ltd) 99% of the hose products are sold on the export market to oil companies in the U.S., Venezuela, England, Norway, Germany, Russia, Kuwait, India, Vietnam and Australia among other countries.

We also manufacture shut-off valves, valve bodies, butterfly gates to the german-owned XOMOX Székesfehérvár Hungary Ltd. which is another important customer of our company.


Our company is engaged to traditional and CNC cutting deals. We represent high productivity in metal cutting due to our 5-axis high-tech machining center, the driven tool CNC lathe and the several different CNC lathes and CNC mills.

Our company has ISO9001 quality standard as well.

Manufacturing oil industrial hose couplings and valve parts made for deep-sea oil drillings is a part of our activities. These products undergo a high level of quality control in order to fully eliminate manufacturing errors.

In addition we undertake the cutting of custom and serie parts requiring high-quality standards.